Junior secondary school intern teachers now want different contract terms from the Teacher’s Service Commission to be issued from January 2024.

The teachers said the contracts they were given came with a stipend of Sh20,000 and only Sh17,000 is left after deduction.


KUPPET Dares TSC to Renew Contracts For Intern Teachers Rather than Reviewing Employment

They want to be confirmed as the first cohort of junior secondary school intern teachers on permanent and pensionable terms in January 2024.

“No intern teacher from the first cohort will renew their internship contract except the signing confirmation letters on permanent and pensionable terms,” the teachers said on Friday at the KUPPET offices where they held peaceful demos.

The teachers now want TSC to harmonise the monthly stipend for junior secondary school intern teachers to that of interns in other government ministries between Sh25,000 and Sh30,000 due to the high cost of living.

“Are teachers lesser civil servants?” they posed.

The teachers feel there is a discriminatory employment policy.

They want TSC to explain why intern secondary teachers in junior secondary are being denied a chance to apply for teaching positions in senior secondary schools yet they’re of the same qualifications.

“Why has the Teachers Service Commission since Feb 2023 never openly advertised for teaching positions in Senior secondary?” they posed.

The teachers said they were promised permanent and pensionable terms by mid this year but TSC now says that will come in 2025.

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