CBC Report Proposes Day schooling and Merging schools To Ease The 2023 Double Intake Headache

Junior Secondary Schools To Have Separate Boards Of Management

The junior secondary schools under the CBC’s 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum will have their own separate boards of management. This new development has been revealed by the principal secretary for curriculum reforms, professor Fatuma Chege.

Fatuma Chege confirmed that junior secondary schools will be domiciled in secondary schools and it is only surplus classrooms in primary schools that will be used to host junior secondary schools in case a primary school wants to host junior secondary schools.

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According to Chege, in case a junior secondary school is hosted in a primary school, the junior secondary school will be independent from the primary school and will have a separate board of management from the primary school board of management.

“According to the third conference on education presided over by the president, the president said that Junior secondary schools will be domiciled in secondary schools. That simply means that they will be accommodated in the primary school sub-sector. Being accommodated implies that they do not belong to the primary schools, and must have a separate management from that of primary schools.” Said Chege.

Debate over which schools to host grades 7 and 8 under CBC have rented the air for quite some time, with some stake holders like the kenya national union of teachers fighting for the two classes to be in primary schools while others proposing that they be domiciled in secondary schools.

It is therefore public that primary schools can host secondary school on condition that they have surplus classrooms, which certainly all of them have. With the new statement by Fatuma Chege, it seems like primary schools which will host junior secondary schools will have two boards of management, and certainly to administrative points within the same compound.

Sources have also indicated that there is a likelihood that the primary school students and junior secondary school students within the same compound will have different uniforms, as will be decided by the board and the administration of the junior secondary school section.

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