Karen KMTC Branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake and Contacts
The karen Blixen Museum

Karen KMTC Branch Background Information

Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, Karen branch specializes in courses involving Nutrition and Dietetic.

Karen KMTC Branch was started in the year 1965 by the Government of Denmark, to honour Karen Blixen, an author from Denmark. She used both English language and German language in her writing works. English readers called her Isak Dinesen while German readers Tania Blixen the whole land at Karen (about 6000 acres) was founded by Karen Blixen when she settled from in Kenya from Denmark between 1912 and 1931.

During her stay in the Karen land, Karen Blixen never hesitated to teach young African girls a variety of life skill lessons, ranging from personal and domestic hygiene, proper food preparation and emergency First Aid right inside her house, which was later named Karen Blixen Museum.

Karen Blixen Museum served as the first host for Karen KMTC Branch. In the year 1963, the government of Denmark donated the Karen house to the Kenyan government, a alongside the 36-acre plot that it was built on. The foreign government went ahead and constructed Karen KMTC Branch just close to the Karen Blixen museum, on the same plot. In the beginning of 1965, the government of Denmark officially released Karen KMTC Branch to the government of Kenya.

Karen KMTC Branch was officially opened by the deputy president of Kenya then, honourable Murumbi Joseph second day of September 1966, with Karen house serving as the first house of Karen KMTC Branch principal.

The Karen house was renamed Karen Blixen Museum in the year 1985 by the museum society of when the first principal Karen KMTC Branch Vacated to another house since numerous local and foreign tourists flocked it to research on the miraculous works of Karen Blixen in Kenya.

One may think that the government of Denmark built Karen KMTC Branch single handedly, a notion which is not true. The government of Karen KMTC Branch worked very closely with the government of Kenya during the planning process of Karen KMTC Branch.

An interim board, comprising of the Kenyan ministry of education, Kenyan ministry of health and the government of Denmark was formed to spearhead the educational planning of Karen KMTC Branch between 1965-1971.

The daily planning activities of Karen KMTC Branch was however a preserve of the premier principal of the Karen KMTC Branch, who was a Danish citizen.

The pioneer staff of Karen KMTC Branch comprised of skilled tutors of dietetics / nutrition, garden management and hygiene from both Kenya and Denmark.

The two governments signed a treaty that the government of Denmark administer the Karen KMTC Branch between 1965-1970 and release the administrative role to the Kenyan ministry of health, department of medical training colleges.

Handing over occurred at the onset of 1976 when Mrs. Rosemary Moraa took over as the second Karen KMTC Branch principal but the first of African origin to head such a resourceful institution.

Karen KMTC Branch introduced an in-service diploma training course in nutrition in the year 1997 to fill the big gap for such professionals that Kenya had in those years. Karen KMTC Branch later replaced this course with a corresponding diploma option in the year 2001, only for the course to be introduced again after 8 years due to demand.

Karen KMTC Branch location.

Karen KMTC Branch is located in Karen area in Nairobi county. Karen KMTC Branch is precisely 22.1 km from Nairobi’s central business district, on a 12.45-acre plot.

Karen KMTC Branch Current Programmes

  • Certificate course in Nutrition & Dietetics, taking two years.
  • Pre-service Diploma course in Nutrition & Dietetics, taking three years.
  • Upgrading Diploma Nutrition & Dietetics, lasting two years duration.

 Karen KMTC Branch Facilities

  • Adequate spacious Classrooms
  • Durable Administrative and lecturers’ offices
  • Fully equipped food lab.
  • Fully networked Computer with stable internet connection.
  • Student and staff clinic, with enough drugs.
  • Well-designed Skills laboratory, dealing in Nutrition issues.
  • Nicely kempt gardens for demonstrations in gardening.
  • Well maintained College bus
  • Modern fire assembly hall, fitted with all the firefighting equipment.
  • An easy to pump Borehole as an alternative water supply during dry taps.
  • Modern apartment designer Hostels

Karen KMTC Branch Student Population

The current student population is over 2000 and the number keeps soaring with every intake.

Karen KMTC Branch Clinical Experience sites

Karen KMTC branch students can use any hospital within Nairobi county as a clinical experience site.

Karen KMTC Branch Clubs and Societies

Karen KMTC Branch Cultural club – members meet every 3 months for diverse cultural competitions involving; music, Food and dance from various tribes and counties.

Karen KMTC Branch Environmental Club -has scheduled activities for each month.

Karen KMTC Branch Religious Clubs: –

  • Karen KMTC Branch Christian Union
  • Karen KMTC Branch Seventh Day Adventists (SDA)
  • Karen KMTC Branch Young Catholic Students (YCS)
  • Karen KMTC Branch Muslims Club

Karen KMTC Branch sports teams

To keep Karen KMTC Branch students busy and physically healthy outside the classrooms, the college has invested heavily in the following teams:

  • Karen KMTC Branch Athletics teams.
  • Karen KMTC Branch Field Events teams.
  • Karen KMTC Branch Basketball teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch Volleyball teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch Lawn tennis teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch table tennis teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch badminton teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch Handball
  • Karen KMTC Branch Football teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch Leg ball teams
  • Karen KMTC Branch Indoor games teams like scrabble, chess, karate, darts e.t.c.

Karen KMTC Branch Contact details

Postal Address

The Principal,

KMTC Karen Campus,

P.O BOX 24921-00502,


Telephone: +254746520008.

Email address: [email protected]

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