Karuri KMTC Branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake and Contacts
KMTC Karuri Campus family

Karuri KMTC Branch Background information

Karuri KMTC Branch was established in the year 1963. The initial education design of Karuri KMTC Branch was rural training centre which only offered certificate courses in Nursing, certificate courses in Food Sciences and a course in Inspection.

It was not until 2009 that Karuri KMTC Branch admitted the first cohort of students an upgrade course in environmental health science

Karuri KMTC Branch location

Kenya Medical Training College KMTC, Karuri branch, is located Kiambaa within the county government of Kiambu. Karuri KMTC Branch is precisely 23.5 Km from Nairobi CBD, if accessed through Gigiri UNEP Headquarters.

Karuri KMTC Branch Current Programmes

  • Diploma course in Environmental Health Sciences
  • Pre-service Diploma course in Medical Social Work
  • Upgrading Diploma course in Environmental Health Sciences
  • Pre-service Certificate course in Environmental Health Sciences

Karuri KMTC Branch Facilities

Karuri KMTC Branch has the following facilities, which make the students’ life easier.

  • Well-book stocked library
  • Well-networked computer lab, with all computers connected to the internet.
  • Well-stuffed skills laboratory
  • Adequate Lecture Halls
  • Modern Hostels
  • Proper Sanitation facilities
  • Nonstop water supply and electricity supply.

Karuri KMTC Branch students Population

Karuri KMTC Branch currently has a total of about 600 students, with a projected rise in population in the next intake.

Karuri KMTC Branch Clinical experience sites

Karuri KMTC Branch students pursuing environmental health sciences use departments of public health in various within the county and in the neighbouring counties for their clinical experience.

Karuri KMTC Branch Students pursuing Medical Social work use the county and subcounty hospitals within Kiambu to gain clinical experience.

Karuri KMTC Branch Clubs and societies

  • Karuri KMTC Branch Christian Union
  • Karuri KMTC Branch Seventh Day Adventist
  • Karuri KMTC Branch Young Muslim Students
  • Karuri KMTC Branch Catholic Action
  • Karuri KMTC Branch Environmental Club

Karuri KMTC Branch sports teams

Karuri KMTC Branch embraces participation in sports and has so far established the following teams.

  • Karuri KMTC Branch indoor teams like Chess, scrabble, darts, etc.
  • Karuri KMTC Branch soccer team.
  • Karuri KMTC Branch volleyball teams
  • Karuri KMTC Branch netball team

Karuri KMTC Branch Contact Details

Postal Address

The Principal,

KMTC Karuri Campus,

P.O Box 765-00219,


Telephone number: +254720466551.

Email: [email protected]

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