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KCPE 2022 English Questions Analysis



Subject verb agreement-20%


Distribution of Questions

(a)Qstn1-15-Filling in blanks.

(b)Qstn16-25-Miscellanous questions drawn from:

  • *Question tags.
  • *Opposite(Antonyms)
  • *”Same as”(synonyms)
  • *Determiners e.g few,many,a few.
  • *Contructed forms e.g can’t,mustn’t.
  • *Conditional sentences.
  • *Arranging sentences.
  • *Tenses.
  • *Puzzles.
  • *Phrasal verbs.
  • *Conjunctions.
  • *Items that least fits groups.
  • *Order of adjectives.
  • *Punctuating a sentence.

(c) Qstns 26-50-Comprehension passages.

1st passage-Should be a narrative I.e (a story).Most begin with Long time ago……

2nd passage-Factual passage(facts/real things).Usually test on general knowledge gained by the learner e.g Health, Drugs and substance abuse, politics, environmental conservation etc.


Two types:

(A)Topical(For std 4-5)eg My family,My best friend etc(Candidates should not expect these)

(B)Beginning of a story-std 6-8-For KCPE,beginning of a story has been


It should involve a lot of imagination.

We wish you all the best as you prepare learners for KCPE Exams.

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