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KCPE 2022 Tips and Common Mistakes Committed by Candidates

What reduces Marks of a candidate.

(A)Pressure-Applied on a sheet, when marking answers the computer rejects that question, thus, no score.


Pupils should press lightly but be visible and not appear on the other page/side of the sheet.

(B)Writing and rubbing-Computer will consider as two answers, marked when a pupil writes and erases one answer/choice and marks the other.

Remedy-Pupils be encouraged to begin marking what they think to be correct answer first in the question paper and later transfer carefully.

(C)Use of wrong pencils-Two types of pencils (a) H,B and HB, Encourage them to use HB,it leaves dark line.

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(D) Standardization-Rule mandatory in KNEC to be succeeded every year,30marks is reduced in total marks obtained, which implies that in every paper 6marks from the total percentage is deducted, after marking.

(E)Putting titles in inshas and compositions-This results to irrelevancy to either the insha or composition, Due to poor linkage of the required beginning of the story, leading to reduction of marks due to irrelevancy.

Remedy-Pupils be encouraged not to write tittle in either insha or composition.