Cancel The January Reopening Date:  NCCK Tells Magoha

President Forms a State Department For CBC Implementation 

President Uhuru Kenyatta has unveiled a new state department to oversee the ongoing implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum.

The State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms within the Ministry of Education will implement roll of the new education system including recommendations of the just released taskforce report.

“In this regard, to ensure effective implementation of these recommendations, and other curriculum reforms, I have on this 9th Day of February, 2021 set my hand and presidential seal and established a new State Department for Implementation of Curriculum Reforms vested in the Ministry of Education,” President Kenyatta declared.

The Head of State announced the changes at KICC in during the unveiling of a taskforce report dubbed ‘Enhancing Access, Relevance and Quality for Effective Curriculum Reforms Implementation’.

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Kenyatta said that CBC will make Kenya’s education system responsive to the demands of the modern world and rallied Kenyans to back it.

“We are at a tipping-point in our education system. The old must give way to the new. The summons of our times requires us to re-imagine how we have educated our children.

Besides equipping Kenyan children with the competencies needed to excel in the 21st century, the Head of State said CBC will empower Kenyans to be better citizens.

“On citizenship, we have a crisis of competence and our education system must give us a response. Youth violence and pessimism are partly a result of low civic competence amongst citizens.And this is because we have not taught our children the values of citizen participation from an early age. This is why youth pessimism and blind activism are on the rise,” Kenyatta said.

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