KESSHA: Students Should Be Allowed to Have Mobile Phones in Schools

KESSHA: Students Should Be Allowed to Have Mobile Phones in Schools

Kenya secondary school heads association (KESSHA) chairperson Indimuli Kahi has elicited a controversial debate over access to mobile phones by students.

According to Kahi, the changing trends in the digital economy should allow students to have mobile phones in schools.

“I always say this and I am always bashed but the truth is that technology is the way to go, and it should apply even to our education,” Kahi said.

However, the chief principal said the access to the phones should be well-guarded by teachers.

“Time has come when we need to think again on policies of use of mobile phones in schools by our students,” Kahi said.

Indimuli was speaking over the weekend during an event organized by Kewota to empower female teachers to access digital products and insurance coverage.

During the event, Kewota announced a major plan to empower its members to own laptops at affordable prices, launched a medical plan and also unveiled soft loans initiative for all registered members.

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Kahi explained that for instance, during the Covid 19 pandemic, most classes were being taken online.

Students would log in to classes, either using their own, or their parents’ laptops and mobile phones.

“During Covid, schools were closed students were always on digital platforms, but immediately we opened school we banned phones,” he said.

But Kahi says the ministry of education should consider introducing gadgets which will have guarded sites.

This will allow students to access only educational sites and approved content.

“Time has come for gadgets to be used in school by students. So that anytime we have educational shock we don’t close learning. We can close schools but learning continues,” he said.

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