KICD Reveals New Literature and Fasihi Setbooks For 2022-2025-How To Get Your Copies

KICD Gives A List Of CBC Concerns That It plans To Review

The Kenya institute of curriculum development, KICD, has compiled a list of issues concerning the competency-based curriculum, CBC, which it plans to review for a smoother transition from 8-4-4.

KICD was reacting the to the concerns and complaints of parents, teachers and politicians concerning the huge demands of CBC.  

“Let us not throw the baby out with the bathwater,” KICD pled in defense of CBC.

Some of the issues that KICD has put in its review list include;

  • Overburdening parents with too much work on behalf of their children. Parents have been complaining on social media platforms about the Competency-Based Curriculum saying they are being given too much work.
  • The huge financial expenses that parents incur to ensure that their children are CBC compliant. KICD plans to make CBC cheaper to the parents by empowering teachers on how to use locally available resources, and where the locally available resources do not exist, the government will come in. CBC advocates the use of locally available resources to encourage innovation, originality, imagination and creativity in carrying out tasks.
  • Too many books for a single child. Through CBC, most parents have been subjected to buying so many books for a single child in single subject. This has constrained parents financially, forcing them to complain. Their anger is mostly due to the many books they have been asked to buy for their children who recently started the first term of the 2021 academic calendar.
  • Intensive Training of teachers for a smoother transition

“CBC is being implemented in phases to pave way for a smooth transition and to fix emerging issues,” KICD said.

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“Parents, we have heard you. We need to exercise restraint as the issues raised are being reviewed by the relevant entities, ” pledged KICD.

KICD must have been moved by the statement of the Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi that he will challenge CBC in court.Havi said he will be filing a petition next week challenging the CBC.

“I have heard your cries parents, guardians and teachers. The petition challenging CBC will be filed in court next week,” he said.

“The education system in Kenya should not be an expensive, inefficient and ineffective experiment with our children and their future as is our leadership.”

Some parents have expressed concerns about the expense of the new curriculum which is to replace the 8-4-4 system.

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