KICD Incorporates Chess Into CBC

KICD Incorporates Chess Into CBC

Teachers, curriculum developers and the education ministry have supported a move to prioritize chess games in the curriculum.

This follows a petition by Fred Sagwe and other teachers which sought the inclusion of chess games in the curriculum.

Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) CEO Charles Ongondo said the indoor game is part of the Competency-Based Curriculum.

However, Ongondo explained that the students are not compelled to play any of the games that it’s by choice.

“The curriculum provided an opportunity to learn and explore games so it is important to assure the country that these are already provided,” he said.

Ongondo was speaking during a senate education committee on Thursday.

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He urged the association of chess players to liaise with KICD to ensure the training offered to teachers is approved.

Senators raised concerns on how well teachers have been trained to take learners through the chess games.

Senate Education Committee Chairperson Alice Milgo hailed a number of institutions that have already taken up chess as a subject for learners.

Milgo said students have the freedom to select what indoor game is of their interest.

The Ministry of Education could not be represented in the webinar due to the ongoing KCSE exams.

Teachers Service Commission noted that teachers are generally trained for Physical Education and not specific games.

TSC Director of Quality Assurance Reuben Ndamburi said the issue with this inclusion is merely funding, which he said will be addressed by the Education Ministry.

“Just like any other sporting activity, chess is there in our schools, maybe the problem is just funding,” Ndamburi said.

However, Ndamburi reiterated that indoor exams are not extracurricular activities in the Competency-Based Curriculum.

In CBC games form part of the subject; Physical and Health Education which is a compulsory subject.

This subject aims at enabling the learner to acquire relevant practical knowledge, skills values and attitudes.

Ndamburi urged the chess stakeholders to liaise with the commission before training any teacher for the game.

“We want these chess associations to get authority from TSC so that we can have a rationale of planning so that in case a teacher is out for chess training, learning still continues,” Ndamburi said.

The petitioner, Fred Sagwe wanted the ministry of education to include chess in the school games calendar.

Sagwe said, with adequate funding, training and implementation of the game will be made possible.

“We have more than twenty teachers with international certificates in training chess and we would like the Ministry of education to help us,” Sagwe said.

The annual subscription of annual chess Kenya foundation is Sh1200 annually.

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