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KNEC Reveals How KPSEA Examiners and Invigilators Will be Paid

The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) has cleared the air concerning payment of teachers who will participate in the 2022 Grade 6 Kenya primary school educational assessment will be paid.

The Grade 6 national test, which will be multiple choice, will be conducted towards the end of this month and will start on the same day with the Kenya certificate of primary education exams.

This year Knec will use teachers in administration of 2022 KCPE, KPSEA, KCSE and DECTE exams and assessments.

Already, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has vetted and will deploy at least 250,000 teachers as centre managers, supervisors, invigilators and examiners.

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Around 1,268,830 Grade 6 learners are expected to sit for the KPSEA exams; 1,230,000 candidates will sit KCPE exams while 880,000 will sit KCSE.

There emerged a slight confusion among teachers who were selected to oversee the KPSEA exams since they were not sure if they will be paid and the rates that will be used to pay them.

Knec sources have revealed that the teachers who will handle KPSEA, alongside other KPSEA contracted professionals, will be paid the same rate as those who will administer KCPE exams.

The confusion arose more so because KPSEA exams will not have Composition and Insha writings which will be done by KCPE candidates. Some teachers have also been contracted for the first time.

Knec officials now say that the teachers will be said same rates as those who will be in charge of the KCPE candidates.

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