All Delocalized Teachers To Be Moved Closer To their families under new CBA

KNUT Claims It Never Signed TPD Plans, Dismisses Calls To Abolish Boarding Schools

The Kenya national union of teachers, KNUT, through its secretary general collins Oyuu, has denied claims that its leadership signed and approved the Teachers Professional Development (TPD) plan by the Teachers Service Commission.

Oyuu decried the blames they are receiving as leaders yet they just attended the launch of the TPD implementation programme but neither signed nor approved anything.

These statements come at a time when the contracted institutions are seriously marketing their TPD programmes, with some like Mount Kenya university ready to launch the program in December 2021.

A section of teachers, most of whom were affiliated to KNUT, had launched a fight against TPD and teacher unions under the famous Kenya national teachers pressure group, but unfortunately, they got scattered through abrupt transfers to far flung hardship areas.

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Speaking about TPG, Oyuu urged teachers to be role models by following proper channels to air their grievances.

“Teachers should be disciplined in airing their grievances through proper channels. This way they will go a long way in being role models to students,” he said.

Oyuu said the media may have reported cases of teachers who say the recent transfers by the TSC were punitive, but the union is yet to receive any formal complaint.

He said the new Knut leadership has adopted quiet diplomacy in dealing with the TSC rather than “making noise without proper agenda. We are offering genuine leadership for professionals instead of making noise.”

Knut has also called for a review of the 100 per cent transition policy, saying it might be a contributor to the wave of school fires.

Oyuu said the policy has led to high enrolment in schools, straining infrastructure

“The full transition is part of major factors contributing to school fires as infrastructures are strained, with dormitories and dining halls turned into triple-decker dorms. Teacher to students ratio has been strained as well,” he said.

Speaking in Awendo, Oyuu urged the Education ministry to involve all stakeholders in investigating and finding solutions to the fires.

Oyuu said indisciplined children have ended up in schools, thanks to the policy, and they put pressure on disciplined students.

“We need teachers and schools’ administrations to always ask parents about the discipline of their children, especially those they suspect to be crooks. Parents should also alert teachers about indisciplined children,” he said.

In what seemed like an opposition to Sosssion’s opinion, Oyuu dismissed calls to abolish boarding schools as shallow and uncalled for.

“We have parents who are outside the country and having boarding schools is the best for them. Teachers have the capacity to manage boarding schools. If all boarding schools are closed, will day schools also be closed when fire persists?” he said.

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