Leave JSS and Grade 7 Alone; KNUT, KEPSHA Tell KUPPET

Knut Demands For Public Participation Ahead of 3% Housing Fund Deduction

Kenya National Union of Teachers has called for extensive public participation in the housing levy proposal.

Addressing the press on Friday, Knut secretary general Collins Oyuu said he met the National Executive Council and demanded to know all the details of the levy.

“In summary, I want to say it was all about public participation. Let us get to know what is in this levy, how we can confront it and how we can now deliver the information to our members,” he said.

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He said it was ludicrous to go around opposing the levy without knowing what it entails.

Oyuu said the union will only oppose the levy once they grasp what it now means for them.

“We must sit and listen. We must be indicted properly on what will come from this levy,” he said.

Oyuu said there is currently a lot of crying in the council over the housing levy.

“What has been lacking is public participation,” Oyuu said.

Last week Thursday, several Knut officials from Trans-Nzoia called for an increase in salaries from the government before implementing the housing levy.

Led by Knut secretary George Wanjala, the group said they have not received any salary increment for the past five years yet they have loans to pay.

“We don’t need the government to save money for us. We are saving our money from corporative societies,” Wanjala said.

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