KNUT Proposes A Two Year Collective Bargaining Agreement

KNUT Opposes TSC Mass Transfer Plans And BBI Policy On Delocalisation

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion confirmed yesterday that the union will oppose TSC mass transfer and delocalization plans which will be rolled out in April.

Sossion claimed the delocalization policy was sneaked in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report which he said is what TSC is using to institute the schools’ management shake-up.

Through a writing to  the BBI secretariat, Sossion said: “The policy was not proposed by Kenyans but was unjustly sneaked into the report to drive TSC’s agenda of delocalisation of teachers.”

“If TSC executes massive delocalisation of teachers in April, then it shall be met with collective industrial action to safeguard our families and the teaching profession.”

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The BBI report proposed that the Ministry of Education adopts policy guidelines that discourage local recruitment and staffing of teachers, depending on the circumstances.

“To strengthen social ties and promote unity among all the communities, stakeholders recommended that the Ministry of Education reviews the curricula to introduce and integrate the teaching of national unity, character, and cohesion to learners during their formative or early years,” says the report.

Even as unions rejected the delocalisation and transfers, TSC has always insisted that the transfers were in line with the provisions of the code of regulations for teachers and Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) signed between TSC and their unions.

“The Commission finds it an act of dishonesty and deceit on the part of the unions’ leadership to continue making public pronouncements calculated at misleading the same teachers the leaders are supposed to guide,” Macharia said.

The mass transfers and the delocalisation exercise has been a bone of contention between TSC and Knut.

In 2018, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Education to review the TSC policy on mass transfers.

“I am aware that delocalisation has created some unforeseen challenges that have affected some teachers,” said Uhuru.

Defending the transfers, Macharia said transfers and delocalisation were negotiated and signed by the two teachers’ unions and documented in the CBA.

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