KNUT Petitions TSC At The Supreme Court

KNUT Petitions TSC At The Supreme Court

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has petitioned TSC at the Supreme Court over alleged continuous contempt of court. All that KNUT wants is the Supreme Court’s intervention over what it calls contempt of court orders by TSC.

Through its lawyer Senior Counsel, Paul Muite, Knut has written to the Supreme Court, requesting it to help fast-track pending contempt applications. KNUT is confident that this will completely nip the continued willful disobedience of court orders by Teachers Service Commission and fully restore the judicial authority of the Supreme Court, which has suffered untold abuses in the recent past.

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“While Knut has taken out a formal application citing TSC for contempt of court, the same is yet to be determined for reasons unbeknown to Knut despite overwhelming evidence of TSC’s blatant disregard of court’s judgment,”  reads part of the 26th  November letter written by  Muite.

The pundit lawyer explained in the letter that at the beginning, it was TSC that sued Knut, following the declaration of industrial action over withdrawal of Labour by Knut members pursuant to Article 41 of the Constitution in December 2018, as a means of resolving various industrial grievances.

“I write to you on this matter because contempt of court orders and judgments by State organs/officers and commissions has now become the new norm. This constitutes a grave danger to the rule of law.It is a matter transcending parties in any particular litigation. It is matter for your office, the Chief Justice…. obedience to court orders is central to the rule of law and to judicial authority,” Muite added.

He also stressed in the letter that Knut has sought the Chief Justice’s attention owing to the shameful conduct portrayed by TSC, having itself moved to court as a petitioner to reject the court’s determination and openly defying and disobeying the court’s judgment.

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