KNUT Rules Out Possibilities of a strike, Plans to accept Empty CBA Next Week

KNUT Rules Out Possibilities of a strike, Plans to accept Empty CBA Next Week

The Kenya national union of teachers, KNUT, has maintained that it will not engage the government in strikes, even as sources say that the union is headed for a cashless CBA next week in exchange of agency fee, reinstatement of members’ register and settlement of arrears of the previous CBA.

KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu said that KNUT will engage the commission on dialogue, rather than industrial actions on contentious issues like salary increments. Blaming the current woes on past leadership, Oyuu assured KNUT members of his potential plan to redeem the union’s lost glory.

“It is not right to take a hard stance on the government as this made KNUT lose out,” said Oyuu insisting that the government’s situation and position sometimes needs to be understood.

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Having been elected unopposed after his major opponent Wilson sossion quit union leadership, Oyuu expressed the need for round table talks. He even revealed that talks are ongoing between the union and TSC over pending issues such as collective bargaining agreements.

Being that KNUT is at its lowest ebb, the climax of these talks will be next week when KNUT will opt for the cashless CBA. Reliable sources have revealed that after the agreement, there will be a fresh relationship between TSC and KNUT that will see the union benefiting from;

  • Restoration of KNUT members register
  • Remittance of agency fees
  • Promotion of members as per the previous CBA
  • Payment of all the arrears of the previous CBA to all the KNUT members who remained in the union and did not benefit.
  • All the benefits of the CBA 2021-2025

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