KUCCPS Opens Portal For 2021 KCSE Candidates To Initiate Course and University Choices

KUCCPS To Review Minimum entry requirements to universities, colleges

KUCCPS is set to review the Minimum entry requirements to universities and colleges. This follows the realization that majority of students are locked out of their dream careers for failing to meet certain subject grades.

According to Experts, some subjects required for certain courses are highly weighted, yet they are not relevant in training, while in other cases, some subjects relevant to the training are omitted or less emphasized.

Because of this, there have arisen several complaints since students have been missing their dream courses. Subject clusters which dictate minimum mandatory requirements for various programmes were last reviewed three years ago.

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KUCCPS Chief Executive Officer Mercy Wahome said the review was necessary since the last one was done in 2017.Universities vice-chancellors, academic registrars and representatives of the professional bodies are expected to meet today at Kenyatta University to discuss proposals on entry requirements to the various courses.

A similar stakeholder meeting will be held for middle-level colleges next week, which will discuss admission criteria for reviewing of diplomas and certificates.

Wahome said that KUCCPS had been using the degree cluster document, as the criteria for placement of government-sponsored students to universities.

“Over the past placement cycles, KUCCPS received concerns and suggestions from training institutions and other stakeholders on the need to review the criteria,” she said.

Responding to the concerns, Wahome revealed that an Independent Criteria Review Committee (ICRC) was established to receive, collate and analyse the proposed changes for degree and TVET programmes.

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“The committee looked into each cluster for the degree programmes and the respective minimum subject grade requirements and taking into account the requirements provided by professional or regulatory bodies and proposals from the training institutions,” reads the letter addressed to VCs and Academic Registrars.

Speaking during a media engagement workshop last week, Wahome said regulatory bodies, training institutions and in some cases employers have raised questions over the minimum entry requirements used for some courses.

“It has been a difficult time because regulatory bodies want this, the training institutions also say this requirement ought to be adjusted this way and this puts KUCCPS at a difficult spot,” Wahome said.

Teachers and students pursuing agriculture-based courses, who are currently required to have C+ in Biology and Chemistry, may be the greatest beneficiaries if the placement criteria are revised.

In the new proposals, however, this requirement has been reduced to a C plain for both subjects. Agriculture (C+) has also been introduced as an alternative to the C plain in Biology.

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