Francis Amasiele Kulali, a wunderkind, is a man of destiny. His life recalls one of William Shakespeare’s greatest quotes. In the Twelfth Night, the English scribe wrote that “[B]e not afraid of greatness. Some [men and women] are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” The first is partially true – he was born great. But that’s not the sole source of his enviable prowess. The second is the kernel of the man – he has achieved greatness.

After graduating from Kenyatta University, he started teaching at Ebunangwe Boys’ High school on Board of Management terms before landing a TSC job in the same station in 2001. While at Ebunangwe, he acted as the Deputy Principal from 2008 to 2010. He also acted as the principal in the same station from February 2010 to September 2010. He was later transferred to Ebwali Secondary School in February 2012 where he currently teaches. While at Ebwali, he acted as the Deputy Principal from February 2017 to July 2018 before TSC posted a substantive Deputy Principal. He is currently the senior master, head of department (games and sports), soccer head coach at Ebwali Secondary School. He’s a “career acting Deputy principal” despite achieving promotion to Job group M( C5) 11 years ago. With all these tribulations, you never miss a smile on his face.

Francis Amasiele Kulali- Teacher at Ebwali Sec. School. KUPPET Chairman contestant, Vihiga County

There’s no doubt Francis Kulali has been a leader in different capacities. He had not at any point thought of joining KUPPET leadership in Vihiga but many people requested him since the beginning of the year to join the race for 2021 KUPPET polls. “When I was approached first by a senior person in the county, I hesitated and was non-committal”, he said. He stated that everything changed when he received a call from the ES frontrunner Mr. Inyeni Sabala. “I have decided not to complain from the periphery but go for it to serve the teachers in the best way possible”, he stated. His nomination under the umbrella of team Sabala has created excitement among his many supporters and made the opponent so jittery.. Some members of the incumbent team have publicly declared their support to him, something that has prompted sanctions from top leadership.

Wilson Okutoyi “Pablo” is now in the shadow of his compatriot Francis Kulali. I know it’s tempting to dismiss Okutoyi as an insignificant gadfly and a chickening commander. Kulali is like the invincible Tyson who won his bouts before he did the first punch. Tyson ended most of his fights in the first round with killer knockout punches. Kulali’s hapless opponent (the current chairman, Okutoyi) would be left writhing pitifully on the mat in the ring. Kulali has already psyched out his opponents even before the fight.
Francis Kulali is a front player in many activities and church ministries like Athletics Kenya, secondary schools sports association, coordination of practical Physics (paper 3) examiners in Western region. This is a man who officiated volleyball up to provincial level a couple of years ago. Kulali is attributed with good negotiation skills, proactiveness, dynamism and humility. The current KUPPET chairman, Vihiga branch is viewed as a good man but will have an uphill task to convince members that he’s better than his friend Kulali. Actually he remains in Kulali’s shadow in all perspectives. Sources reveal that Mr. Okutoyi is currently seeking a transfer to a school in Emuhaya so that he can associate himself with that voting block by employing a tribal card. This approach seems to be too little too late.
Considering all this, Mr. Kulali is the person best suited to serve as the KUPPET chairman according to majority of teachers we have interviewed. The current chairman, Wilson Okutoyi who has served in KUPPET for 8 years now might not measure to the new entrants’ standards. Though a polite person, but has demonstrated dismal and lackluster performance throughout the entire period he has served in KUPPET in different capacities.

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