Relook into Maternity CBA Tops KUPPET’s Demands to Machogu

KUPPET: Increased Alcoholism and Divorce Among Teachers is Caused by Mental Health

The rising number of divorce cases and alcoholism among high school teachers has been attributed to mental illness. Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) official Rose Kiiru said teachers are suffering the condition in silence leading to couples parting ways while others sink into excessive drinking.

Kiiru who is the Kiambu Kuppet branch chairperson asked the Ministry of Education to introduce counselling sessions for teachers and channel more funds towards mental health for tutors. “The issue of mental wellness among our members is becoming a matter of concern and must be addressed urgently.

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Cases of depression among teachers are now at an alarming rate which is a threat to the profession,” Kiiru stated. Addressing the Kiambu Branch Governing Assembly in Ruiru on Saturday, the official said her office has documented a high number of psychological issues affecting teachers and it was high time counselling was administered among them so that their families could be salvaged.

Kuppet national officials who graced the occasion led by the Secretary General Akelo Misori and National Chairman Omboko Milemba concurred with Kiiru and rooted for a lasting solution to the issue of members’ mental health. Kiiru regretted that many teachers were suspended after falling into alcoholism or depression, a situation that could be avoided if the matter of mental health was addressed in time.

“When teachers suffer from mental health, the learners too are affected as well as the community at large due to the pivotal role they play,” she added. Misori on his part said the union is advocating for the introduction of Junior Secondary classes among the existing high schools in the locality.

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