KUPPET Rejects TSC’s 2021-2025 CBA Proposal To SRC

KUPPET Rejects TSC’s 2021-2024 CBA Proposal To SRC

The Kenya union of post primary teachers, KUPPET has rejected the 2021-2025 CBA proposal that was presented by TSC to the salaries and remuneration commission, SRC last week. The former cites disagreements and betrayal as their reason for rejecting the proposal, which was welcomed by most classroom teachers.

According to the proposal, classroom teachers ( Job groups B5-C3 ), were to be awarded a proposed maximum increment of 32%  on the basic salary spread over 4 years, beginning July 2021. Their counter parts in job groups C4 – D5 were to get a proposed maximum increment of 22% on their basic salaries. In addition to that, TSC proposed an increment of 10 % and 20 % respectively on house and commuter allowance, beginning July 2021.

KUPPET, through a letter to the newsrooms and a post in its twitter handle, has claimed that it is not aware of any counter offer from TSC. KUPPET reminds her loyal members of a 2021-2025 CBA Proposal that it presented to the  TSC late last year and claims it is yet to receive a communication on the same.

According to KUPPET, a CBA counter offer like the one TSC presented to SRC, should be discussed and agreed upon by all negotiating parties before being sent to the SRC;  a process that TSC declined to follow promptly.

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Section 191 of code of Regulations

The letter cites section 191 of the TSC code of regulations, which states, ‘every teacher has a right to fair labour practices as enshrined in the constitution.’  A CBA negotiation process would therefore be incomplete if the alleged counter offer would be presented for implementation without following the laid down process. This would be an insult to the teacher and deny the teachers a right to fair labour practices as dictated in the constitution.

KUPPET’s Proposal

KUPPET had earlier proposed an increment of between 30 % -70 % on the basic salary but is yet to receive communication from TSC. This would reward classroom teachers a maximum increment of 70 % on their basic salaries.

On the house allowance and commuter allowance, KUPPET proposed an increment of 50 % each. According to KUPPET teachers teaching in urban areas deserve a township allowance and their counter parts with post graduate degrees deserve a post graduate allowance.



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