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Kuppet Sets New Guidelines And Maximum Deductions For BBF Benefits per County

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) has set fresh guidelines on how the BBF at each KUPPET County Branch should be managed. In the past, KUPPET members have experienced benevolence challenges upon losing their loved ones. To offer solutions to these gaps, individual county branches resorted to establish BBF. However, management of the BBF had challenges, forcing the National Governing Council Welfare, (NGCW) Committee to set new guidelines.

According to the new guidelines, NGCW shall intervene in finding solutions to challenges facing BBF in branches

KUPPPET branches that lack BBF shall be encouraged to start one but members shall not not remit above ksh 150.

Additionally, NGCW may monitor the running of burial benevolent fund to ensure smooth performance.

Through the chairman of NGCW, members from BBF branches will raise their complaints and challenges.

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New BBF Benefits

BBF beneficiaries shall cover the nuclear family and at most two parents.

Below are the financial benefits per case, which shall be reviewed during annual general meetings (AGM).

deductions Ksh100 category Ksh150 category Ksh200 category
member Ksh 20,000-40,000 Ksh30,000-50,000 Ksh 40,000-60,000
spouse Ksh 20,000-40,000 Ksh 30,000-50,000 Ksh 40,000-60,000
child Ksh10,000-30,000 Ksh 20,000-35,000 Ksh 30,000-40,000
parent Ksh10,000-20,000 Ksh 15,000-25,000 Ksh 20,000-40,000

NB   -Branches engaged in projects can vary the figures.

  • Individual branches will establish tools that will prevent fraud from members. Branches may seek funds by innovating income generating activities like fund raising and projects etc.
  • Branches will appoint an auditor during annual general meetings, who will serve for a year. Office bearers or scheme delegates will not qualify to be an auditor.
  • A special Annual General Meeting shall be held under the direction of the committee.
  • Executive committee shall be held three times a year or once every term.
  • All BBFs shall be controlled from the KUPPET head office.
  • All branch secretariat staff also contributes like teachers and equally benefit as other members.
KUPPET BBF Scheme Governance And Management
  • BBF executive committee shall comprise: -Executive secretary, BEC treasurer and 3 delegates elected from sub-counties.
  • There shall be 3 (three) signatories who will be; The Executive Secretary who is co-opted as patron but a mandatory signatory, BBF chairman and BEC treasurer.
  • Central Management Committee Shall be composed of; the executive committee and all elected delegates from sub counties, with each sub county having one delegate elected during branch AGM.
  • All these delegates shall be TSC registered members.
  • The delegate shall run the affairs of the fund for a period of 5 years continuously and can seek re-election when their term expires.
Duties Of The Office Bearers                              

Presiding over all committee meetings and general meetings of the scheme. In case of a tie of votes at any meeting he/she shall have a casting vote.

2. Two committee members.

  • Assistant to the chairperson
  • Performing the duties of the chairperson in his or her absence.
  • Executing the policy matters concerning the scheme.
  • Consulting the chairperson on matters concerning the scheme.
  • Responsible for keeping all records of the scheme
  • Taking minutes during meetings,
  • Call for meeting in consultation with the Executive Secretary.
  • Keeping records of income and expenditure of the scheme
  • Preparing the budget and estimates of the scheme.
  • Preparing trial balance of the scheme for the general meeting
  • Presenting audited accounts to members during the general meeting.
  1. KUPPET Executive Secretary/Patron.
  • Coordinating all the activities of the scheme in liaison with the respective delegate.
  • By virtue of his office shall be responsible for queries from registrar office and therefore shall guide on the best practice of fund management.

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