Kuria: My Tenure Will Bring to an End Fake Degrees

Kuria: My Tenure Will Bring to an End Fake Degrees

The new Commission for University Education (CUE) chief executive officer Mike Kuria has promised to work with university bosses to root out fake degree certificates.

Kuria maintained that the working relationship between vice-chancellors and CUE will be mended.

“When you call a vice chancellor from CUE, they immediately think they have committed a mistake,” Kuria said.

But he noted that an effective working relationship between the two sector players will be important in ensuring only valid certificates are used.

“These institutions will need careful monitoring, walking alongside them in the public,” he said.

This he said could be done by ensuring universities have a data system to keep records of students and their qualifications.

“In my tenure, we will work to ensure that this data becomes useful to us,” he said.

Kuria, who is also a former member of the Inter-Universities Council, said in case there is a need to verify, then the commission can just check.

“That means when universities train you, the next time we ask if your qualifications are valid then we can go back to your university, that information should be available,” he said.

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For internationally acquired qualifications, Kuria said the regulator will work on a formula to accept or vet the certificates.

It is recalled that CUE was on the spot during the August polls in terms of the verification of candidates’ qualifications.

“Despite the efforts made by the commission, it is sad to note that some universities are still running unaccredited programs,” Kuria said.

In June this year, CUE wrote to the IEBC revoking Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s degree.

CUE said by the conclusion of investigations into the authenticity of the degree issued by Team University in Uganda, the governor aspirant had not submitted any proof.

CUE also wrote to Sakaja to provide the transcripts, examinations schedules, graduation booklet that has his name on it and receipts for application fee, tuition fees, graduation and convocation.

Sakaja failed to appear before Commission, claiming that he only heard CUE’s invite through the media.

Kuria said the commission will work with other education regulators in other countries to avoid such incidences, like what happened to Sakaja.

“We need to meet with our neighbours so that we have better communication than we have right now and a working relationship with other countries,” he said.

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