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Kwale KMTC Branch Background Information

Formerly known as Matuga Medical Training College, Kwale KMTC Branch was established in the year 1977. this was due to the very high demand for Public Health Officers in the region.

In the year 1985, Matuga Training college Principal directed by the health ministry Kenya to acquire some land, where the government of Kenya was to fund the construction of a medical training college.

Kwale District Development Committee assigned Matuga centre about 14 acres piece of land in the year 1998 for the construction of the government funded MTC.

In the year 1999, the government of Kenya shifted its plan of expanding Matuga MTC to constructing a branch of KMTC. The Kwale community took over the construction of Kwale KMTC Branch from the ministry of health, under influence of the Matuga MTC principal, who had already acquired a plot for construction of the same. The director of KMTC was tasked the role of staffing, admission of students, and provision of medical learning materials and resources.

In early 2000 a Building Project Committee for Kwale KMTC Branch was established under leadership of the then area member of parliament to give the direction towards the kickstart of the project. In the committee, each district in coast province was represented by at least one member.

It is worth concluding that Kwale KMTC Branch has in the past and present enjoyed a lot of support from the community and the board of Directors, KMTC.

The government training institute hosted Kwale KMTC Branch from the year 1977 to the year 2006.

In late 2011, Kwale KMTC Branch building Project Committee requested the KMTC Director to allow Kwale KMTC Branch to begin the admission of its own students.

In the third quarter of the year 2012 Kwale KMTC Branch did its first admission, though the students were under another branch, Msambweni branch of KMTC. Those admitted were about 41, all pursuing a Diploma course in Environmental Health Sciences.

The beginning of the year 2014 saw Kwale KMTC Branch department of Environmental Health Sciences being transferred from Msambweni KMTC branch to Kwale KMTC Branch.

The year 2015 marked the complete independence of Kwale KMTC Branch since it completely pulled out from Msambweni KMTC branch.

Kwale KMTC Branch location

Kwale KMTC Branch is located at Tumbe centre, along ziwani road near Msambweni County referral hospital and kwale girls’ high school

 Kwale KMTC Branch current Programmes

  • Certificate course in Environmental Health Sciences
  • Certificate course in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Diploma course in Environmental Health Sciences
  • A short course in Community Health and Development.

 Kwale KMTC Branch Facilities

  • Well networked computer laboratory with modern desk tops and monitors.
  • A well-maintained College bus
  • Well book stocked library
  • Well-fitted skills lab
  • Adequate spacious Classrooms
  • Adequate Hostels
  • A reliable Kitchen

Kwale KMTC Branch Student population

Kwale KMTC Branch currently has about 500 students, with the number projected to rise in the next intakes.

Kwale KMTC Branch Clinical Experience Sites

Kwale KMTC Branch students use Msambweni County Teaching and Referral Hospital as the major facility for their clinical experience.

All other coastal Hospitals also offer a reliable clinical experience to Kwale KMTC Branch students.

All the students who are pursuing a diploma or certificate course in environmental health sciences use any hospital of their preference within the county or outside the county for their clinical experience.

Kwale KMTC Branch Clubs and societies

Kwale KMTC Branch has the following clubs;

  • Kwale KMTC Branch Christian Union
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Muslim Association
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Seventh Day Adventist (SDA)
  • Kwale KMTC Branch First Aid
  • Kwale KMTC Branch President’s Award

Kwale KMTC Branch Sports teams

Interested and talented Kwale KMTC Branch are encouraged to join at least one of the following sports teams.

  • Kwale KMTC Branch Football teams for both male and female.
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Volleyball teams for both male and female.
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Netball team for ladies
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Indoor teams.
  • Kwale KMTC Branch Athletics teams

Kwale KMTC Branch contact details

Postal Address

The Principal,

KMTC Kwale Campus,

P.O. Box 324-80403,


Telephone number: +254713579131/ +254722842913

Email address: [email protected]

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