(Latest) Top 10 Most Marketable And Best Paying Courses In Kenya.

Kenya has 22 public universities in, 14 chattered private and 13 with Letter of Interim Authority (LIA). A total number of around 937 courses are offered either at certificate, diploma, degree, masters or PhD level- of course each has specific duration (might take 2,4 or 6 years). Out of around 937 courses offered Kenya, there are some that are of or pertaining to marketability and can be best paying:

1. Bachelor of Law

The search never ends with law firms and companies seeking to higher good lawyers to exhibit them, thus law appears to be the most marketable course offered in Kenyan Universities.

It’s pursued for 4 academic years and offered in Kenyatta University, UON, JKUAT, Kisii, JOOUST, Moi university, Mt. Kenya among many others.

2. Bachelor in Economics and Statistics

As much as one needs extra professional courses like, CPA(Certified Public Accountant), CIFA(Certified Investment and Financial Analyst), SPSS(Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), MATLAB(Matrix Laboratory), SAS(Special Air Service), with spectacular analytical skills to be highly competitive in this, it’s still considered famous and highly marketable.

It goes for 4 academic years and universities offering among many others are; Egerton, KU, JKUAT, UON, JOOUST, Moi, Kabarak, Chuka, Kisii, Maasai Mara.

3. Bachelor in Clinical Medicine

We all know that doctors are always on demand every now and then as the human race continuous to face more challenging pandemics and so does that make this marketable.

6 academic years are required for this and it’s offered at; UON, JKUAT, JOOUST, Moi university among many others, currently offered at Kisii university as well.

4. Bachelor in Computer Science

This specializes in software engineering, computer games system management, neural systems and artificial intelligence. Anyone with this knowledge can never lack a job opportunity considering the advent of technology and the use of computers in workplaces.

For 4 academic years it is pursued and can be offered at KU, UON, JOOUST, JKUAT, Moi, Chuka, Kisii, Egerton among many others.

5. Bachelor of Science, Telecommunication and Information Engineering

This cuts across information technology and telecommunication, covering the telecom network, circuits, calculus, drawings, image and signal processing, mobile cellular, tele-traffic engineering, engineering project and optical communication among many others. Thought of Safaricom limited as a work place when I saw this.

It goes for 5 years, offered at JKUAT, KU, Pwani, Machakos, Dedan Kimathi and so on.

6. Bachelor of Film and Animation

Kenyan film industry is growing dramatically as more people venture into the business, raising an alarm on need for digital animators, film directors, film makers and producers. The curriculum here includes camera operation, screenwriting, directing, sound designs, film editing, cinematography, commercial production, 3D design, video development and media ethics.

Requires 4 academic years of study offered at Multi Media and Mount Kenya universities among many others.

7. Bachelor of Geo-spatial Engineering

Geo-spatial mostly deals with the use of emerging technology such as satellite imagery, laser mapping and computing systems to get highly interconnected geographical information, which is used for developing disaster relief plans, zonal mapping and finding out project feasibilities.

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It goes for 6 academic years and offered at; KU, UON, Masinde Muliro, Dedan Kimathi among others.

8. Bachelor of Pharmacy

As much as hospitals need a pharmacist, with this knowledge, one can as well be able to own a chemist or drug store- thus more of a business opportunity too.

It’s offered for 5 academic years at UON, KU, Mount Kenya, Kabarak, Kisii universities and others more.

9. Bachelor in Quantity Surveying

Actually, I believe this is the only way to manage all costs for an infrastructural project, thus a gem. Might really go in hand with civil engineering.

It should be pursued for 4 academic years either at Kisumu Polytechnic, Kitale Technical Institution, Eldoret Polytechnic, Thika or Railway Training Institution among others.

10. Bachelor of Science in Computer Security and Forensics.

This provides knowledge on how to deploy and design preventive systems to secure information systems from hackers and also how to continuously do surveillance for internet computing systems and other online sites. It goes in hand with cyber security certifications such as CCNA (Ciscos’s Certified Network Associate) security, CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker).

It requires 4 academic years of studying and is offered at Meru, UON, KU, Egerton, Chuka universities among many others.

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