Heavy Fee Burden Awaits Parents As KUPPET Has This To Tell Teachers.

Leaked: KUPPET’S Risk Allowance Proposal Per Job Group

After signing a non-monetary CBA last year with excuses of covid-19 effects, teachers unions are now pushing for a new CBA to factor the monetary component into the 2021-2025 CBA. The unions argue that the economy has improved and that TSC and SRC need to fulfil their promise that the CBA would be revised once the economy has improved.

To this far, KNUT and KUPPET have separately invited the teachers service commission for salary increment talks and in one of the letters in response, TSC has accepted to meet the unions.

The Kenya union of post primary education teachers, KUPPET, has drafted its proposal, and is still pushing for an increment of 30-70 %, alongside additional allowances like risk allowances.

The rival sister union, KNUT is however pushing for a lower increment of 16-20%.

Below are the risk allowances that KUPPET is pushing for each job group in its counter proposal to the TSC.

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Salary scale C2 C3 C4 C5
1 5446 6782 7383 8025
2 5558 6894 7493 8293
3 6567 7093 7627 8326
4 6591 7067 8370 8673
5 6598 7360 8528 9093
6 6598 7407 9093 9923
7 7256 7513 9225 10386
8 7538 7573 9532 10517
9 7538 7706 10326 11324
10 8120 8238 10326 11624
11 8320 8478 10326 12233
12 8339 9093 10326 12233


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