TSC Inhibits KNUT Members From Applying For The Ongoing Promotion Vacancies

Leave KNUT alone and Keep Your Advise For Yourself; Oyuu Tells Sossion

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut), Collins Oyuu, wants Wilson Sossion to keep off KNUT’s affairs as he resigned.

Speaking in Migori at the burial of Knut’s Migori County branch treasurer Nion Owilla in Suna West Sub-county,Oyuu said Mr Sossion’s recent remarks on pay rise talks amounted to gross interference with the operations of KNUT.

He was reacting to Sosion’s earlier warning that the new Knut leadership could be walking into a trap in pay rise talks with  the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Sossion also advised them to be wary of the employer’s scheme.

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While revealing why he cried when he resigned on the eve of Knut’s elections, he cautioned teachers’ unions against accepting the non-monetary collective bargaining agreement (CBA) in exchange for union dues that the TSC has withheld, crippling their operations.

“I have witnessed him being interviewed in the media, which I am not opposed to, but I caution him against delving into the union’s affairs. He should address issues [in his capacity as a parliamentarian], not issues of Knut,” said Oyuu. “If we want him we shall talk to him and tell him to come. He should not be a busybody addressing teachers’ issues in the media since he is no longer an official.”

Mr Oyuu maintained that Sossion’s alleged interference will jeopardise the talks with TSC and that’s a major concern for all the teachers currently.

“Teachers and other stakeholders all over the republic, especially in the region he represented, have raised concern over his continued interference. We will not allow him to continue meddling with the union affairs.

He further said that Mr Sossion’s abrupt resignation ahead of union elections was a clear indication that he had lost interest in addressing the plight of Kenyan teachers.

“He was free to contest if he wanted to continue working as an elected leader in the union but since he chose to resign, his continued involvement in the union’s affairs, without our knowledge and consent, amounts to gross interference, so he should keep off,” said the new Knut boss.

Oyuu, who won the election unopposed after Sossion’s surprise resignation and withdrawal from the race, is leading Knut’s negotiating team in the talks with the TSC.

Sossion expressed his disbelief in KNUT, saying KNUT has very soft bargains.

“I don’t believe in a weak union. You must always put pressure on the government. A union that engages in soft bargains will lose benefits already gained because the government will always want to reduce costs.”

He insisted that “if union negotiators don’t play hardball, they will be outwitted by TSC, which has already weakened unions”.

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