Lodwar KMTC branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake and Contacts
KMTC Lodwar campus entrance

Lodwar KMTC branch Background Information

Lodwar KMTC branch was established through an agreement involving the local community and the director of KMTC. The objective was to at least produce health professionals, who would satisfy the medical demands of Lodwar residents.

Lodwar KMTC branch is lying on a vast piece of land, which even gives hopes for future expansion.

The County Government of Turkana played a key role in the construction of  a modern hostel block at Lodwar KMTC branch. This greatly boosted the enrolment of students at Lodwar KMTC branch.

Since establishment, Lodwar KMTC branch has progressively impacted a huge positive difference in the health of Lodwar residents since the graduates are deployed in various hospitals within the county.

Lodwar KMTC branch location

Kenya Medical Training College KMTC, Lodwar Campus is situated along Kakuma-Lokichogio road in Turkana County, just about 150 meters from Lodwar County Teaching and Referral Hospital. Lodwar KMTC branch is very close to the Youth Polytechnic of Lodwar.

On the hill of Lodwar High School, Lodwar KMTC branch lies on the leeward.

Lodwar KMTC branch Current Programmes

Lodwar KMTC branch currently offers the following courses:

  • Diploma course in Health Promotion
  • Diploma course in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certificate course in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Certificate course in Nursing
  • Upgrade diploma course in Nursing
  • Upgrade diploma course in Nutrition and Dietetics
  • A short course in Community Health and Development

Lodwar KMTC branch Facilities

The facilities at Lodwar KMTC branch are routinely maintained so that they retain their new original appearances. They include:

  • Networked Computer laboratory with adequate computers
  • Fully equipped skills laboratory with all the necessary life resembling dummies that enhance the practical skills of Lodwar KMTC branch nursing students.
  • Adequate modern hostels
  • Adequate spacious class rooms
  • A multi-purpose conference room, fitted with projectors and white boards.
  • Modern library, fully stocked with modern reference materials.
  • Multi-purpose dining hall.
  • Adequate staff quarters, proximal to Lodwar KMTC branch

Lodwar KMTC branch Student Population

Lodwar KMTC branch currently has about 700 students distributed in all the departments. The number is projected to be higher in the next intake.

Lodwar KMTC branch Clinical Experience Sites

Lodwar KMTC branch students get most of their clinical experience from Lodwar County Teaching and Referral Hospital. This hospital has very useful medical equipment that give Lodwar KMTC branch students that exposure that is required in the modern-day health sector.

Other clinical experience centres within Lodwar county include A.I.C Lokichoggio health centre and Lokichar health centers.

Outside the county, Lodwar KMTC branch students use Bungoma county hospitals, Nakuru county teaching and referral hospital, Giligil hospital, Katilu health centre, among others.

Lodwar KMTC branch Clubs and Societies  

  • Lodwar KMTC branch student representative council
  • Lodwar KMTC branch President’s Award
  • Lodwar KMTC branch Muslim students

Lodwar KMTC branch Sports teams

Lodwar KMTC branch engages students in various games activities. Among the sports teams that students can join include:

  • Lodwar KMTC branch volleyball teams
  • Lodwar KMTC branch football teams
  • Lodwar KMTC branch basketball teams
  • Lodwar KMTC branch Rugby team
  • Lodwar KMTC branch netball team
  • Lodwar KMTC branch indoor teams for darts, badminton, table tennis, scrabble and

Lodwar KMTC branch contact Details

Postal Address

The Principal,

KMTC Lodwar Campus,

P.O. BOX 126-30500,


Telephone number: +254727261773

Email address: [email protected]

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