Loitokitok KMTC branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake and Contacts
A structure aty KMTC Loitokitok campus

Loitokitok KMTC branch Background Information

Kenya Medical Training College, KMTC, Loitokitok branch was established in the year 1987. At its establishment, Loitokitok KMTC branch was to offer a certificate programme in Medical Engineering, lasting 2 years. The enrolment as at that time was only 18 after every 48 months.

In the year 1996, The huge demand for medical technicians saw Loitokitok KMTC branch Increase its intake to 18 per year as opposed to the initial intakes where 18 students were admitted after 48 months. However, there has been a steady increase in enrolment and currently, over 100 students are admitted annually.

In the year 2018, Loitokitok KMTC branch introduced an in-service medical engineering program, with an aim of assisting those who attained certificate degrees in the course to rise to diploma.

Loitokitok KMTC branch location

Loitoktok KMTC branch is located in Loitokitok centre in Kajiado county, proximal to Loitokitok level 4 hospital.

Loitokitok KMTC branch current Programmes and Courses.

  • Certificate course in Medical Engineering.
  • Certificate course in Community Health Nursing.
  • Upgrade diploma course in medical engineering
  • Diploma course in Medical Engineering.

Loitokitok KMTC branch Future projections

Loitokitok KMTC branch is projecting to introduce a diploma course in Community Health Nursing.

Loitokitok KMTC branch Facilities

  • A well-furnished library with the modern reference materials.
  •  A fully networked computer laboratory, with all computers connected to a limitless internet.
  • A Properly equipped skills laboratory with human like models and most current diagnosing machines. These enable faster mastery of nursing and medical techniques.
  • A well-equipped workshop
  • Well maintained vehicles for transport of Loitoktok KMTC branch students and tutors.
  • Modern hostels with unending supply of water.

Loitokitok KMTC branch Student Population

Currently, the student population at Loitokitok KMTC branch is about 702 students, a number that changes positively with every intake.

Loitokitok KMTC branch Clinical Experience Sites

Loitokitok KMTC branch students rely majorly on Loitokitok Level 4 Hospital, located in their vicinity for purposes of clinical experience. This facility is only used by first year and second year students at Loitokitok KMTC branch.

Loitokitok KMTC branch third year students acquire clinical experience at the rural health centres and the remaining hospitals inside and outside the county. These clinical experience centres include; Kajiado County Referral Hospital, Isinya Health Centre in Kajiado, Kimana Health Centre, Sultan Hamud health centre, among many more.

Loitokitok KMTC branch Clubs and Societies

  • Loitokitok KMTC branch student representative council
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch Christian Union
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch Young Catholic Society
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch Seventh Day Adventist
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch Muslim group.

Loitokitok KMTC branch sports teams

  • Loitokitok KMTC branch athletics teams
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch volleyball teams
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch football teams
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch basketball teams
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch netball teams
  • Loitokitok KMTC branch indoor teams including darts, scrabble, table tennis and chess

Loitokitok KMTC branch Contact details:

Postal Address

The Principal,

KMTC Loitokitok Campus,

P.O. BOX 101-00209,


Telephone number: +254757880057/ +254735427438.

Email address: [email protected]

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