Magoha issues Form One selection rules For KCPE 2021 Candidates

Magoha: Take Your Kids To Private School If You are Unhappy With Form 1 Selection Results

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has reacted to parents’ complaints that the form one selection process wasn’t fair.

Speaking in Murang’a,the CS termed the process as very accurate and said that through the process, the ministry aimed at providing all learners with an equal learning platform regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

Magoha was reacting towards the sentiments of a section of parents who felt that his ministry was unfair in placing 2021 candidates in secondary schools. Earlier, the cs had given workable options to parents whose kids had been placed in far flung day schools or in schools they never selected.

Prof Magoha went on to add that he would treat the parents’ ranting with contempt since he was very proud how the selection was done.

“Parents who are unhappy about the schools their children have been selected to join can take the kids to private schools if they can afford it,”he said.

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He went on to add that their goal during the selection process was to ensure that all those who sat their KCPE exams got selected to secondary schools and that the selection was done based on the pupils’ performance.

“We cannot allow parents to have their way in this process because in doing so, the process will be very messy,”he said.

The CS added that if all learners are treated equally, the weakest links in the education sector will be addressed.

He concluded by lauding the government for establishing an affirmative fund for the children in slums which has led to the enrollment of 9,000 beneficiaries set to be admitted into schools of their choice.

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