Magoha’s Quotes That Kenyans Will Forever Remember Him For

“I am definitely not mechanical. I am a top grade professor. I work from the backroom. I am a surgeon; I identify the problem then deal with it and leave. I don’t expect to agree with everyone, if you agree with everyone it is a problem.”

“Perhaps using myself as an example, I have lived my life… you have your life to live so I am more worried about when I go to be with the Lord, what is it you youngsters will remember me about.”

“I ask myself, would I like to be remembered as Prof Magoha who had several trucks of gold in his house or would I like to be remembered for having done something that touched the less fortunate people.”

“I remember one day in my life as an asthmatic, my mother had five cents which was supposed to go to buy tea in the village so that I can take hot fluid for my chest and I can breath properly and the five cents got lost but you see where I am today

“You are not supposed to be intimidated by the outside splendid glamour.”

“God is very kind, if he did not distribute intelligence equally to everybody, then I would not be where I am today.”

“You must start by respecting your body…naked body, not the clothed one. You respect it, you do not abuse it and bring it up the way God has made you to bring it up. You do not inject things into your body that are not important.”

“For me, I have already paid rent for my clinic and therefore I do not expect to be handed any other job… mine is to wish everyone well and charge us to continue working as we should be working.”

“I would want people to understand me and my training in Starehe, which I left 50 years ago. We were trained to manage by walk-abouts, never to delegate completely.”

“I am serving Kenya by choice, the President (Uhuru Kenyatta) respected me and I also respect him back therefore I take orders from him. Everything I do is for the general public starting with being obedient to my employer and serving the children. I also know that I was not born a Minister and I will not die a Minister.”

“There is one problem in Kenya today, those who work diligently are the ones who end up being demonized. I am being fought by cartels after I sealed all corruption loopholes in the ministry.” “I was appointed to work at Kenya National Examination Council, why? I do not know and I told the President but Sir, I am a university professor and I have not dealt with children in primary and secondary.”

“My major weakness is that I start from the end, from the goal I want to achieve and work backwards.”

“Failure is never in my vocabulary… I always want to get where I am going by all means that are lawful. I was trained never to trust anybody that even when you delegate completely because if you delegate completely then you lose control.”

“I am not a politician and I don’t desire to be one. By the grace of God, I am just a technocrat. The weakness I have is that I am just a worker.”

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