Makerspace Respiratory system model

Respiratory system model

The respiratory model has been designed for teaching gaseous exchange in class six, form two and university biology students in the Kenyan education set up.

Competency skills

Observation skills

Cognitive skills

Collaboration skills

Psychomotor skills


13 L water bottle

Rubber bands

3 balloons (2 should be smaller, with equal sizes)


Insulation tape

3 straws


  • Using a knife, remove the base of the bottle.
  • Open the bottle lid and drill a hole through the lid.
  • Fix a straw through the hole. Using silicon, fix the straw in position to prevent it from movement. Close the bottle with the strawed lid.
  • Cut another straw into two equal halves and attach each half on the lower end of the straw
  • Attach a balloon each on the ends of the two branching straws
  • Cut the remaining balloon to remove the upper part. Fix the lower part into the lower end of the bottle.

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