School Heads want rules backed by law to curb Learner indiscipline

Mammoth Queues As Principals Register For TPD Training At Principal’s Conference

Mammoth crowds were witnessed at Sheikh Zayed Children’s Welfare Centre in Mombasa yesterday and part of today as school heads were scrambling for the ‘few chances’ of getting registered with the teacher professional development (TPD) training institutes present at the conference.

This occurred after the speech by the TSC Director for Quality Assurance and Standards Dr. Reuben Ntamburi and the continuous TSC/ KESSHA organised guidance and consultation sessions at the grounds.

 TSC directors present at the conference said that all teachers must be under the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training as a statutory requirement.

According to the Director for Quality Assurance and Standards Reuben Ntamburi, TPD is a requirement under the law and no teacher will escape it. He also said teachers will continue to pay for the programme until parliament allocates funds.

“TPD is required under the law. The elephant in the room is the Sh6,000 for training. We are making efforts to convince parliament to allocate funds for it,” he said.

Dr Ntamburi said TSC has picked four universities to undertake the training of teachers on TPD, online. This will happen over five days from May 9.

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According to a witness present at the conference, deliberations by the TSC staff could have led to this turn of events. The witness, who sought anonymity, revealed that KEMI, MKU and Kenyatta University all erected tents at the grounds from Sunday to receive and register the heads for TPD Training, in a move that seemed somehow orchestrated prior to the event. Sources revealed also that KEMI registered the highest number of heads for TPD since it’s tent had not only the longest, but also the thickest queue.

“Principals are registering for the illegal TPD in mass. Don’t be deceived that TPD stopped and that no lessons are going on. These people have betrayed teachers a great deal,” revealed a witness.

Though very contentious, issues dealing with the  teacher professional development (TPD) , which visible shocked the school heads, were brought again at the conference.

The heads were shocked that even after the national assembly order to TSC to stop TPD until it meets certain conditions, the latter still has intentions of forcing teachers to pursue TPD and pay for the training before fulfilling any condition.

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