Manufacture of Chair Arms Using Air

Air is one of the most abundant resource yet to be fully utilised. Some of the properties of air that makes it useful includes being fluid hence pressure exerted at a point being equally transmitted all over. The other property is its ability not to be easily compressed. In this project, we have applied the two properties to come up with a part that can be used to make some parts of a chair.


The aim of this project is to use air to make parts of a chair. During research, the mass of an air set was determined and compared to the mass of an ordinary part of a chair. It was observed that air set weighs twice less than ordinary part of a chair. In the second case, the cost of an airset was compared to the cost of ordinary chair. The airset chair is cheaper. Undertaking this project will reduce cost of chairs hence the cost of living.

 Statement of the problem

Air is a free resource which needs to be tapped fully. From the fact that it’s a fluid and not easily compressible, it can be used as a replacement to some parts of a chair. If air is enclosed in a flexible material, it can be used to make useful parts. These parts would be light and cheap hence making the cost reduce.

Background research

Research question

Can air be utilised in making parts of a chair?


To compare the mass of an airset to an ordinary part of a chair.

To compare the cost of an airset to ordinary part of a chair.


An air set is heavier than ordinary part of a chair


High cost of chairs makes many peoy not to afford them. Air being free yet not easily compressible makes it useful in such cases. This project therefore investigates if air can be utilised in making parts of a chair.


Any leakage makes the air set useless


Sharp objects can pierce the fabric causing leakage



20 balloons, bicycle pump,20 rubber bands,4 polypropylene bags, a stapler, a chair frame, a ruler, a thread, Cello tape, 1m cotton thread, weighing balance, sponge


Inflate the balloons and determine the volume. Determine the mass of the balloons. compare the mass to mass of the similar part of a chair.

Pack them in the bags and tightly tie the bags using cotton thread. Fix the bags on the chair frame.


Length of the balloon= 47cm

Diameter of the balloon=6cm

Mass of the balloon with air=1.6g

Mass of ordinary sponge=

Cost of ordinary part of a chair=cost of the air set=

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