Meru KMTC Branch-History, Location, Administration,Courses, Intake and Contacts
KMTC Meru Campus administration block.

Meru KMTC Branch History

Meru KMTC Branch was opened in the year 1979, with an objective of offering a pre service certificate course in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing. It began as a ministry of health’s nursing school.

In the year 1987, the ministry of health Kenya introduced a medica engineering school, whose aim was to produce skilled technical personnel who would help check, maintain and repair medical machines and equipment

In the year 1993, a grand merger occurred between the two schools under the ministry of health were through a KMTC parliament act. This merger formed the modern-day Meru KMTC Branch.

In the year 1999, an upgrade Diploma course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing was introduced at Meru KMTC Branch to replace the initial preservice course in Kenya registered community health nursing.

Towards the end of the year 2006, Meru KMTC Branch introduced a diploma course in Clinical Medicine.

Two years later, Meru KMTC Branch introduced a  Diploma course in Medical Laboratory Sciences.

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Meru KMTC Branch location

Kenya Medical Training College, Meru KMTC Branch is situated along hospital road in Meru Town within the County government of Meru, just proximal to the Meru County Teaching and Referral Hospital

Meru KMTC Branch is about 240 Kilometers from the CBD of Nairobi. From Nairobi, the most direct route to Meru KMTC Branch is Embu-Maua road.

Meru KMTC Branch current Programmes

  • Certificate course in Medical Engineering and Technology
  • Diploma course in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing
  • Diploma course in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  • Diploma course in Medical laboratory sciences.

Meru KMTC Branch Future planning

Planning is underway at Meru KMTC Branch to introduce the following courses:

  • Diploma course in Pharmacy
  • Diploma course in Kenya Registered Nurse, Psychiatry option
  • Diploma course in Community Oral Health
  • Upgrade Diploma course in Medical Engineering
  • Higher Diploma course in Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetic
  • A short course in Critical Care
  • Certificate course in Kenya Enrolled Community Health Nursing

Meru KMTC Branch Clinical experience sites

Meru KMTC Branch students use the Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital as the most strategic clinical experience facility.

Other facilities for clinical experience at Meru KMTC Branch are: Kanyakine Sub-County Hospital, Nkubu Mission Hospital, Kangeta Health Center, Mbeu Health Center, Ruiri Health Cente, Ruiri Mission Hospital, Nyambene Hospital and Maua Methodist Hospital

Meru KMTC Branch Facilities

  • Fully stocked Library, with a range of reference materials
  • A well networked computer laboratory, with adequate computers, connected to a very fast internet provider.
  • A spacious college bus for Transport
  • A modern double cabin pick up for shorter distances, fewer users, and quicker errands.
  • well-equipped workshops for Medical Engineering. Each department in the medical engineering school has a workshop for purposes of convenience.
  • A well-equipped Skills laboratory with human like dummies.
  • A well-staffed and equipped Medical laboratory
  • A fully stocked Campus clinic, with a competent clinician
  • Adequate classrooms and departmental offices
  • Ultra-modern Students’ hostels.

Meru KMTC Branch Students’ population

Currently, the Meru KMTC Branch has a student enrolment of about 1200 learners. Enrolment rises with every intake.

Meru KMTC Branch Clubs and Societies

  • Meru KMTC Branch Christian Union
  • Meru KMTC Branch Muslim Association
  • Meru KMTC Branch Seventh Day Adventists
  • Meru KMTC Branch Young Christian Students

Meru KMTC Branch sports teams

Meru KMTC Branch students can join any of the following teams for their sporting activities.

  • Meru KMTC Branch basketball teams
  • Meru KMTC Branch Rugby 7’s and rugby 15’s teams
  • Meru KMTC Branch table tennis teams
  • Meru KMTC Branch netball team
  • Meru KMTC Branch volleyball team
  • Meru KMTC Branch football teams
  • Meru KMTC Branch badminton, darts, scrabble and chess
  • Meru KMTC Branch handball teams

Meru KMTC Branch contact details

The Principal,

KMTC Meru Campus,

P.O. Box 1484-60200,


Telephone number: +254726862400/ 064-3132537/ +254717777616

Email address: [email protected]

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