KNUT Demands Pay Rise In The 2021-2024 CBA To Cushion Members From Covid-19 Effects

Minet Is Better Than Schemes Of Other Civil Servants: Sossion Tells Nyamunga

The controversial KNUT secretary general, Hon. Wilson Sossion, has yet again disappointed teachers. This time, he has defended the unscrupulous teachers’ medical scheme, AON MINET, claiming that it is the best among the medical schemes that cover other civil servants. This follows a senate probe into the sh. 35 billion medical scheme that was petitioned by Senator Rose Omanga.

The sentiments of Sossion were echoed by TSC and KUPPET. In a unison language, the trio broadly deceived the senate that AON MINET has to a greater extent, assisted teachers and their families, despite some slight challenges.

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Wilson Sossion adored AON MINET scheme, claiming it is the best that teachers can ever have, and that most civil servants wish that AON MINET covered them.

Unprofessional Facilities

“KNUT has asked the scheme administrator to remove some unprofessional facilities from the providers’ list,” said Sossion, in his defense over allegations that most hospitals have terminated their contracts with AON MINET. He claimed that the scheme administrator has increased the number of service providers, who currently total to 500 across the country.

On his part, Akello Misori, the KUPPET secretary general, claimed that some of the service providers pulled out when AON MINET failed to pay their claims, but the hitch had been resolved.” That was just an oversight, but it cannot prevent AON MINET from being a darling to the teachers,” defended Misori.

No Restrictions

The teachers service Commission CEO, Dr. Nancy Macharia, claimed,” the scheme operates under portability without restrictions, allowing teachers to access any hospital in the list of medical providers at any time and anywhere within Kenya.” She strongly defended the cover, insisting that it is the only cover that allows teachers to attend any outpatient facility of their choice.

Both primary and high school teachers saw a beacon of hope in Omanga’s petition since through it, they saw higher possibilities of enjoying enhanced medical services that they have always yearned for. However, the strong pillars behind this dubious scheme are too strong to be reckoned easily.

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