Magoha’s Revelations About KCSE and KCPE Bring Joy To Parents And Teachers

Ministry in Distress Over May DPTE, DECTE Admissions As Applicants Still Fall Below Threshhold.

Ministry of education of education is seriously disturbed over the launch of the new Diploma in Primary Teacher Education and diploma in early childhood teacher education programmes as the number of applicants who have qualified fall below thresh hold. Top officials will deliberate on the way forward today after only 1,400 out of the projected 14000 qualified for the DPTE and DECTE programmes, despite numerous re-advertisements.

The officials will deliberate on among other issues, the possibility of teacher training colleges opening in may for the programmes as planned earlier, considering only a handful qualified.

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The government projected 7000 students for DPTE and another 7000 for DECTE in its 30 public teacher training colleges nationwide. The diploma courses were meant to replace the P1 certificate courses which were phased out two years ago.

In the first advert, the government managed only 683 applicants, forcing it to redo the advert. Director of teacher education in the ministry of education, Habat Abdi, has confirmed that they received many applications but the cluster combination blocked many out.

“We got a good number of applicants but it is the cluster combination that is not giving people the opportunity,” Abdi confirmed.

The director admitted that they have failed to meet the required number of applicants despite the re-advertisements.

“The ministry will make a decision on what we will do if we don’t get the required figure,” said Abdi.

According to Kenya teachers colleges principals association national chairperson, Saul Barasa, it, may be a real challenge for TTCs to have the right numbers this time.

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