Mugoiri Girls High school;KCSE results, location, Knec code, contacts, form one Intake

Mugoiri Girls High School is a girls only public boarding secondary school located in Murangá county, Kenya.

Mugoiri Girls High School is one of the best performing schools in the county, started in 1938 as a primary school then as an intermediate between 1940- 1956 by the Consolata Catholic Sisters from Mathari Catholic Mission in Nyeri county for the sole purpose of promoting Christianity through education. During this time, Mugoiri Girls High School was called ‘Gatiiguru’ meaning a hill.

Mugoiri Girls High School started with 25 students and 4 teachers which grew tremendously over time. The school’s 12.25 acres of land was donated to it by the late Ignatius Murai who was the colonial chief of the location at that time. The daughters to the late, that is Amb. Emmah Murai and the late Josephine Michuki taught at the school. Mugoiri Girls High School offers quality 8-4-4 education system under the Kenyan curriculum.

Mugoiri Girls High School location;

Mugoiri Girls High School is located in Kahuro town in Kiharu constituency, Murangá county, Kenya. The school sits on a 12.25 acre piece of land.

Mugoiri Girls High School KCSE performance;

Mugoiri Girls High School does so well in both local and national examinations. Mugoiri Girls High School had a mean score of 7.9246 [B-] in 2005, 7.6268 [B-] in 2006, 7.3806 [C+] in 2007, 7.015 [C+] in 2008, 7.793 [B-] in 2009, 8.3643 [B-] in 2010 and 7.9554 [B-] in 2011. Some time back, the school had a mean score of 57.367 [B-]. The school has faith that the candidates will yield ever better results in 2019’s KCSE.

Mugoiri Girls High School Form one selection;

At Mugoiri Girls High School, form one selection is usually done via academic merit in regards to KCPE examinations. The students who have high results and selected the school as first choice are given higher priority than others. Students are also selected via need basis where parents’ financial background is put into consideration.

Mugoiri Girls High School Contacts;

Mugoiri Girls High School School code; 10200013

Mugoiri Girls High School Physical Address: P.O. Box 20- 10201, Kahuro, Kenya.

Mugoiri Girls High School Telephone/ mobile number; 0723260988 or 020- 2055174.

Mugoiri Girls High School Email address; [email protected] or [email protected].

Mugoiri Girls High School Website;

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