Negotiated CBA 2021-2025 Salaries/ Allowances Won't Be Factored If Talks Delay: KNUT Decries

Mulunda’s Sacking is a Plot To Bar Him From Succession, Sossion

Former KNUT Secretary general Wilson Sossion has strongly condemned the sacking of Teachers Service Commission (TSC) deputy chief executive officer Kennedy Mulunda, calling it a move to block him from becoming the next TSC CEO. Sossion has further pledged  to challenge the commission’s decision in court.

According to  Sossion in his statement,the termination is a scheme to ensure Mulunda does not take over when CEO Nancy Macharia leaves office. Macharia sacked Mulunda over allegations of abuse of office and gross misconduct.

The TSC disciplinary committee consisting of commissioners found him guilty of the offences after 10 principals and teachers from Western and Nyanza testified against him.

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“Between Nancy and his deputy Mulunda, who is engaged in big time corruption in TSC tenders?” asked Sossion.

Sossion has even threatened to expose the rot in TSC and ensure action is taken in the event the Kenya Kwanza coalition wins the August polls.

“In due course, we shall be peeling away the mask of corruption scandals blow by blow at TSC from promotions, transfers, Teacher Professional Development training, Competency-Based Curriculum training funds and how fast it is cleared by the Treasury before ending in the pockets of thieves, tender scandals, kickbacks from third parties’ deductions.”

Sossion accused Macharia and TSC chair Jamleck Kamau of colluding with other commissioners to ensure Mulunda does not take charge of the commission.

“The TSC chair should tell the public when Ms Macharia will reach retirement age,” he said, adding the dismissal is part of what Kenya Kwanza describes as state capture.

“This is the state capture that Kenya Kwanza shall address through a commission of inquiry once we take over government.”

He praised Dr Mulunda as a highly educated human resources expert who should be allowed to run TSC without being maligned.

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