Will The Suspension Of Mwalimu Sacco CEO and Chair Rescue The Collapsing Sacco From its Fate?

MNS Rolls Out Advance Against Expected Rebate

Mwalimu national sacco has rolled out the second phase of advance advance against expected interest rebatess for the financial year 2021. The advance begins on first january 2022, with the following terms and conditions:

1.The advance will be accessed via the Go-mobile App platform and USSD*633#

2.From 1″ January 2022 to ADM date, members will be eligible for 75% of projected rebate at the rate of 5% on amount accessed.

3.The computation of the advance qualified for, will be based on member’s deposits balance as of 30* November 2021 on a month-on-month basis. The multiplying factor will be 7%. It is important to note that 7% is just for purposes of administering the Advance product but NOT the rate of Interest rebate for year 2021. The rate for the year 2021 will be declared in the next ADM in 2022 based on full year’s financial performance and upon external audit.

4.Members who have defaulted on their loans’ obligations will NOT be eligible and hence do not qualify for the advance unless their accounts are regularized.

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