Mwanaasha Johari (Sultana) Does ‘Mtasubiri’ Challenge to her Haters

Mwanaasha Johari Does ‘Mtasubiri’ Challenge to her Haters

Mwanaasha Johari famously known on the stage as Sultana on Citizen Tv Sultana show, is a Kenyan entertainer, model and a thespian. She is one of the main characters in the Citizen TV’s Sultana.

Last week, the Sultana actress did the Diamond’s ‘Mtasuburi’ song as a challenge to those who think that there will be a break up between her and her boyfriend in the programme Sultana (see videos).

In the story, Johari will fall in love with Othman Njaidi aka Patrick Kanumba playing as Sultana and Jabali Junior respectively.

Upon an interview after the video went viral, Sultana confirmed that a section of lovers and actors of the famous show are waiting to see her separation with Jabali junior, something which will never happen.

“ I decided to sing them the Diamond’s Mtasubiri song to let them Know that I and JJ truly love each other and that we are not going to separate. Even to my fellow actors who want JJ, watangoja. Nishasema ninampenda na akarespond kuwa ananipenda pia,” confessed Sultana.

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Othman Njaidi Known as Jabali Junior was born in a humble background and found himself in a royal family due to retrogressive culture which led to switching of the infants. Sultana on the other end is the one who was born in the royal family that Jabali Junior finds himself in. We are waiting to see what will unfold in the drama series between the two love-birds to-be.

Johari is a rising entertainer in Africa. Just like Yasmin Said, she seems to be the upcoming big name in the Kenyan TV industry. In the series, she will be playing the lead character role as Sultana.

She plays alongside Suleiman Fadhili, Othaman Njaidi, Aqsa Shani, Mercy Shani, Khalid Jamal Ali, Lolani Kalu, Rehema Rajab, Juma Shambi, David Mbiko, Angie Magio, Annette Odubi, and so forth.

Judging from the photo and other photos of Sultana, One can conclude that she is loves a lavish lifestyle.

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