Teachers’  Salary Scales After Phase 2 of Pension Deductions

NEU Gives stand On TPD Modules, Confirms it’s On Final Registration Phase

The newly formed national education union, has opted not to be left out on opinions and stands concerning the unwelcomed decision by the teachers’ service commission to have teachers back to class.

Through one of its co-founders, NEU has expressed its disgust with the issue of TPD modules, questioning the availability of time and money.

“Online classes during the school days and face to face classes during the holidays for 30 years is just an indication of how mean and self-centered TSC is. At what time will a teacher have time to pursue family, social and personal issues?” questioned an agitated founder during an interview.

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The union further questioned the idea of online classes where a teacher should balance between teaching, learning and doing assignments.

“And when will a teacher who should be a student in an online class prepare schemes of work, lesson notes, lesson plans, fill TPAD and teach students? Remember some of those assignments will be so demanding.”

“As a union, we will not subscribe to this. If teachers are non-skilled or semi-skilled, then the problem is the same universities they want teachers to go back to. They are forgetting that teachers attended the same universities as the lawyers and doctors they are comparing them with. How comes doctors are skilled. And where is the research that teachers are non-skilled and doctors or lawyers are, when was it conducted, who conducted it, who were the respondents, who defended it and what was its nature?” an angry NEU acting official wanted to know.

Neu further noted that if teachers must go ack to school, the name of the certificate they are going back for should be known. They argue that A professional development course or a module should not be compulsory, should not be a lifetime activity, and should not consume more time than a PHD.

“If teachers must go for refresher courses, let TSC foot all the expenses, and make last one year. Some teachers have loans and lack the ability to fix an additional ksh. 6000 from their slips.”

The union, which is suspected to have close association with the former KNUT boss Wilson Sossion, confirmed that it’s in the final registration step and once registered, the insanity in the teaching service will end.

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