Possible 2020 TSC Internship Interview Questions

Non-Interns May Not Be Invited For July 2022 TSC Recruitment Interviews

The Teacher service commission (TSC) is preparing to recruit an additional 5,000 new teachers and replace 8,230 other teachers who quit service due to natural attrition.

Judging from the July 2022 merit lists released by the TSC and are already in circulation, most applicants who appear in the top five in each school have served as intern teachers, either at senior level or junior level.

In the advertised vacancies 6,539 posts were for primary schools and 1,691 posts were for secondary schools.

Without a doubt, the intern teachers are will be favoured during the interviews and might clinch most of the vacancies.

It’s unfortunate for applicants who didn’t secure internship contract in the latest changes on TSC score sheet. This category of teachers will not be considered during invitation of applicants for the interviews if the latest Score sheet is adopted.

This should however not discourage applicants since luck also has a role to play bearing that the slots are so many. Should you be invited, don’t fail to attend any interview.

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According to earlier information from the teachers’ commission, only top five applicants will be invited by schools in every slot advertised, yet the first five in most slots are teachers who have served as interns. Case study from previous employment clearly show that no teacher without this marks will come any close to top five.  This move has completely isolated these group of teachers without the internship marks.

However, some subject combinations will not rely on internship. Among them are; Phyc-chem, Bio- Agric, Home science, Computer.

Numerous changes have been made in this year’s marking scheme. Maximum internship marks has been slashed from 30 to 15 marks.

This will only serve those who have worked for 3 years.

Those who have been in intern for 2 years and 1 year will score 15marks, 10 marks respectively.  Those who have served for less than a year will score 5 marks.

Evidence Required by intern teachers

  • Three Most recent Pay slips for 2022 Duly certified by the principal.
  • Recommendation letter from Head of The Institution you were interned.
  • Letter of Offer from the County Director of Education detailing when you were contracted

Note that in order to score the marks for internship, the aforementioned documents must be presented on the day of the interview.

Awarding of marks for Qualification

Degree (BED)
First class & Second Class Upper 40
Pass 35
Degree + PGDE or BSC+PGDE
First class & Second Class Upper 40
Pass 35
Maximum Score 40
Distinction & Credit 35
Pass 30
Diploma in Education or Dip Tech. Education
Distinction & Credit 35
Pass 30
Maximum Score 35


Evidence of internship service  
Served for three (3) years 15
Served for three (3) years 10
Currently serving the first year of internship  5
Maximum Score 15

Awarding of marks for Length of stay since qualifying as a teacher (since graduation)


2017  and Before 40
2018 35
2019 and after 30


Maximum Score 40

Communication ability and Co-curricular certificate of participation

One who has a co-curricular certificate of participation will also stand higher chances of scoring more marks. This part is very crucial when it comes to breaking of ties.

 (i) Communication abilitya)           Communication skills—————————–

b)           Presentation—————————————-


-(ii)   Knowledge of current trends in Education

Sector ————————————————–


(iii)    Special talents (Leadership awards and               acknowledgement)


NB: No candidate should score zero in  this section


















One who has a co-curricular certificate of participation will also stand higher chances of scoring more marks. This part is very crucial when it comes to breaking of tie.


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