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Nyanza Region List Of KNUT Contact Persons on Post -Delocalization Transfer

4 KNUT BONDO BRANCH GILBERT N. OWOUR 0711-280833/0737-049209 [email protected]
4 KNUT SUBA BRANCH RICHARD MONGO 0724-278604 [email protected]
4 KNUT SIAYA BRANCH CLEMENT OMOLO 0720-686700 [email protected]
4 KNUT RACHUONYO BRANCH ELIUD OMBORI 0721-100436 [email protected]
4 KNUT RARIEDA BRANCH GEORGE AREK 0717-678612 [email protected]
4 KNUT KISII SOUTH BRANCH GEOFFREY MOGIRE 0722-668996 [email protected]
4 KNUT MANGA BRANCH NICHOLAS NYANGAU 0722-468214/0733-492464 [email protected]
4 KNUT BORABU BRANCH PETER M. MUNDE 0725-382865 [email protected]
4 KNUT KISUMU EAST BRANCH JOSHUA O. OGALO 0723-316731 [email protected]
4 KNUT KISUMU WEST BRANCH EDWARD O. OLANDO 0720-801203 [email protected]
4 KNUT NYANDO BRANCH EPHRAIM O. KANANG’A 0720-333707 [email protected]
4 KNUT RONGO BRANCH THOMAS OCHIEL AWINO 0721-749144 [email protected]
4 KNUT HOMABAY BRANCH CORNEL A. AJUOK 0713-359112 [email protected]
4 KNUT GUCHA BRANCH LUCY MACHUKI 0725-252982 [email protected]
4 KNUT GUCHA SOUTH BRANCH JOSEPH M. MOGUCHE 0722-210745 [email protected]
4 KNUT KURIA EAST BRANCH MANGITENI JOSEPH 0727-501208 / 0735-394364 [email protected]
4 KNUT KURIA WEST BRANCH PAUL GIRWA 0722-964655 [email protected]
4 KNUT MASABA BRANCH ONKOBA ALBERT ONSARE 0721-832725 [email protected]
4 KNUT NYAMIRA BRANCH KENNEDY MIGOSI 0725-934481 [email protected]
4 KNUT MIGORI BRANCH CALEB OPONDI 0720-655600 [email protected]