ODM Reaps big in Mudavadi’s Backyard

ODM Reaps big in Mudavadi’s Backyard

Orange democratic movement, ODM, has had a bumper harvest from the kenya kwanza coalition principal, Musalia Mudavadi’s Vihiga backyard. This is despite the latter soothing the voters in the region to cast their votes in Ruto’s basket.

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ODM has won most of the seats in the county, including the gubernatorial seat. Most interestingly, ODM has clinched 10 member of county assembly seats from the region against ANC’s 3.

Here is how they performed according to each ward in Vihiga County.

  1. West Bunyore – Wimsy Osore (ANC)
  2. Central Bunyore – Paul Tirra (ANC)
  3. North-East Bunyore – Elam (ANC)
  4. West Sabatia – Franklin Gidali (IND)
  5. North Maragoli – Dominic Baraka (ANC)
  6. Chavakali – Gladys Yalwala (PPK)
  7. Shamakhokho – Richard Muhiga (UDP)
  8. Muhudu – Boniface Shanga (IND)
  9. Central Maragoli.- Pauline Amwata (ODM)
  10. South Maragoli – Patrick Kigumba (ODM)
  11. Mungoma – Albert Mugata (ODM)
  12. Lugaga/Wamuluma – Fredrick Mavisi (ODM)
  13. Gisambai – Eric Odei (ANC)
  14. Jepkoyai – Caleb Ndolo (Ford K)
  15. Tambua – Karega Mboku (ODM)
  16. Banja – Collins Ayugu (ODM)
  17. Luanda Township – David Onjiri (DAP-K)
  18. Mwibona – Zakayo Manyasa (ODM)
  19. Emabungo – Michael Okoba (MCC)
  20. Wemilabi – Patrick Akhwale (ODM)
  21. Luanda South – Kelvin Mwangu (ODM)
  22. Shiru – Bob Mwashi (ODM)
  23. Wodanga – Vincent Atsiaya (ANC)
  24. Lyaduywa/Isava – Duncan Abudiku (IND)
  25. Busali – Florence Kogode (ANC)

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