Our CBA Proposal Was Not Viable, KUPPET Defends CBA Signing

Our CBA Proposal Was Not Viable, KUPPET Defends CBA Signing

The Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) has defended its move to take the magical cashless CBA, citing expert counsel. KUPPET Secretary General Akello Misori said they engaged experts to value the proposal they had made and it was not viable, at least for the moment.

“The first time we went to meet TSC with the Kuppet’s National Steering Committee but we later decided to include all our organs on the matter, nothing could have been done beyond that,” Misori said.

According to Misori, the basic pay was supposed to be increased by 30 – 70 per cent, depending on grades, but due to the current economic situation of the government, it is not possible.

It was a shocker for the over 330,000 teachers after it emerged that they will have to wait longer for a pay rise after the officials signed the CBA without factoring in a pay rise.

Under the new CBA teachers will not be entitled to a new pay for about two years, which is in line with SRC’s directive to freeze any pay rise for public servants within the said period.

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Misori said that it has been a tough journey to get to where they are now but assured their members that they will work on the contents of the negotiated document.

“We are also ring-fencing all the gains that teachers have had over the years.

One pending issue is on what happens to the basic pay and this is being addressed but we know that once TSC gets the go ahead within an year or any other period, we will make it known when things improve so that we can get what we had outlined as basic pay,” said Misori.

In a separate platform, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) shared similar concerns with their sister union KUPPET. KNUT Secretary General Collins Oyuu explained that the decision was arrived at after extensive consultations with independent experts, who guided them on the move to take.

Oyuu said the experts conducted an economic survey based on Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) recommendations to Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to freeze a pay rise for at least two years.

“Based on reports by experts, Knut held a National Executive Committee meeting on Monday and ratified the decision to sign the CBA without increased basic pay.

The experts gave a verdict that the country’s economy is doing badly to withstand a pay rise,” Oyuu said.


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