KNUT Rules Out Possibilities of a strike, Plans to accept Empty CBA Next Week

Oyuu: KNUT’s Lost Glory Is Back Since We Are Almost Clocking 150,000

Kenya national union of teachers, KNUT, has moved to reassure its members and tutors who wish to enlist in the union that there is no cause for alarm in the union as it has mended its frosty relations with the teacher service commission, TSC.

KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu said the lost glory of the once giant teachers’ union is back as thousands of teachers have re-joined the union in the ongoing recruitment drive aimed to register at least 150,000 new members.

“We know it’s true we cannot hide that the membership of the Kenya national union of teachers, KNUT really went down drastically especially when KNUT had an infight with the teacher’s service commission, TSC,” said KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu.

Speaking in Busia county, KNUT secretary general Collins Oyuu said that KNUT Has improved working ties with TSC.

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“We cannot attest the fact that members are back to the union and we are really good to go. Last week alone, I did not mention that we received 26,000 applications. That is not a small number in one week. You can imagine what would happen in the subsequent weeks,” he added.

Oyuu expressed confidence that KNUT has restored its lost glory and that soon, the original membership will be attained.

“I expect that by around 5th of February, we shall be back to normal because the 26,000 just came from three regions. One region being a very small region, north eastern region, central region and western region.Nyanza, rift valley, coast have not presented their forms and I know when they presen their forms, we shall reach over 150,000 members,” said the hopeful Oyuu.

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