P1 Teachers Decry Unfairness in July 2022 Recruitment Score Sheet

P1 Teachers Decry Unfairness in July 2022 Recruitment Score Sheet

A considerable number of unemployed primary school teachers have called upon the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to conduct the July 2022 teacher recruitment with some levels of fairness.

According to the disappointed teachers, TSC needs to follow the year of graduation from Teacher Training Colleges (TSC) in all its recruitment exercise.

The teachers got disappointed after TSC released a scoresheet that put teachers who graduated in their Primary Teacher Education (PTE) in the year 2015 and before in the same bracket, a move those who graduated earlier feel will not be fair to them.

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According to TSC scoresheet it released in July, teachers who graduated in the year 2015 and earlier have been awarded 35 marks. This implies that those who graduated in 2000 for instance have the same marks for year of graduation with those who graduated in 2015.

Those who graduated in 2016 were awarded 30 marks,2017 awarded 25 marks, 2018 awarded 20 marks,2019 awarded 15 marks,2020 awarded 10 marks and 2021 and after warded 5 marks.

The protesting teachers fault the scoresheet saying a teacher who graduated in 2000 cannot be awarded same marks with those who graduated in 2015.

“How can have the same marks with a young boy or girl who graduated in 2015? This is just so unfair and TSC should consider and respect us,” complained a teacher who graduated in 2010.

“It is even worrying that the 2015 graduands are interns and are the very ones who went for the CBC upgrading course. That already leaves us jobless. Those younger people will certainly beat us in the upcoming interviews if TSC fails to listen to us,” added another teacher.

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