Machogu Pledges to Reduce Cost of CBC

Pain as Government Concludes Plans to Raise School Fees in January 2023

Parents with children in boarding schools will now be forced to dig deeper into their pockets in order to finance their children’s education after the government through the Ministry of Education issued new fee guidelines for 2023 bringing to an end the subsidized fee programme introduced in the 2021 School Calendar.

In the guidelines, issued by outgoing Principal Secretary in the State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education Dr.Julius Jwan,dated November 15,2022;parents with children in all National and Extra County Schools in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri, Thika and Eldoret will pay a total of Ksh 53,554 per year from Ksh 45,000 which they have been paying since 2021.

Those who have their children in boarding and Extra County schools located in other areas will now pay Ksh 40,535 per year from the current Ksh 35,000.

However,the government will provide a subsidy for each learner in a boarding school that is equal to the subsidy for each learner in a day school which is Ksh 22,244.

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This will include tuition (teaching, learning materials and exam) which the government allocated Ksh 4,144; medical/ insurance (Ksh 2,000),activity(Ksh 1,500)and Strengthening of Mathematics and Science in Secondary Education(SMASSE) allocated Ksh 200.

Other vote-heads which include; local travel and transport, electricity and personnel emolument is allocated Ksh 9,400;and maintenance and improvement(Ksh 5,000).

Parents with children in Special Needs Schools will from January next year pay Ksh 12.790 annually from Ksh 10,860; while the government will pay a subsidy of Ksh 53,807 annually per student.

The subsidy entails Ksh 19.053 for boarding equipment and stores; and a top up grant of Ksh 12.510 to cater for assistive devices and any additional personnel needed.

The Ministry stated further that the enrollment data to be used for provision of the government subsidy to all public schools will be obtained from the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) on: December 15,2022:March 31,2023 and June 30,2023.

Previously, the government had subsidized the fee parents had been paying in the 2021-2022 School

Calendar noting that the school calendar only had 30 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks.

The normal January-December School Calendar is expected to come to normalcy from January 2023 after it was disrupted by the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 which led to schools being closed for almost a year.

In the recently released School Calendar by the Ministry, Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary schools will have their opening day on January 23, 2023 and close on April 21, 2023 after 13 weeks.

The first term will have a three-day half-term break between March 23 and March 26 and it will end with a two-week holiday from April 22 to May 2,2023.

The second term will begin on May 8 and end on August 11. Students will be on a three-day half-term break between June 29 and July 2,with the end of term two-week holiday running between august 12 and august 27,

The third term will start on August 28 until November 3,2023.

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