MOE Paid ksh. 1.8B To Ghost Students: Auditor General

Panic as Auditor General Sets To Audit All public secondary schools from next week

School principals are going to be held accountable for expenses on resources in public secondary schools.

For the first time, the ministry of education will oversee the auditing of public secondary schools in the country.

According to the Early learning and Basic education PS Julius Jwan, government owned institutions will also be part of the audit process.

In the past, the Auditor would only asses state departments in the ministry of education.

Jwan was speaking during the Anglican Churches of Kenya school principals’ association in Nairobi.

“The government audits public institutions so they are going to do ten percent in every county,” Jwan said.

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All the national, extra county, county and sub-county schools will face the audit.

The state department, led by Jwan would appear in Parliament to respond to queries on how money was spent in schools.

“This is money that was disbursed in their own right so I think it’s time they are held accountable,” Jwan said.

However, Jwan said the main reason for auditing is to hold individual heads and not an umbrella department accountable for the expenses.

He dismissed the notion that the schools are being audited to unfold irregularities in the management.

“An audit is not done because there are irregularities, it is done to ensure systems are functioning well,” he said.

Jwan added that school heads are allowed to manage a lot of resources that require auditing.

For instance, national schools which have more than 2,000 students pay up to Sh45,000 yearly.

“Some of our schools manage more resources compared to some SAGAs in the ministry,” Jwan added.

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