Schools Reopening Might Delay Against Ministry's Plans: Jwan

Parents Demand Direct Line to Report To Report Principals Charging Motivation Fees

A section of Parents have called upon the Education Ministry to provide a direct line that can be used to report school heads who will continue to charge ‘motivation fees,’ against the government’s directive that such fees should be charged.

This is after the Principal Secretary, State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education Dr. Julius Jwan warned that the government will take action to government schools that send learners home over levies to motivate teachers.

The PS, who termed the practice unacceptable said that the government would hold field officers who do not report the cases accountable.

A majority of the parents claim that most field officers collude with headteachers and board members.

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They allege that parents’ representatives are unashamedly part of the ‘motivation fees’ scheme.

“Last week I attended an opening day in one of the extra county schools in Kisumu County and the administration in conjunction with the parents’ representatives were bold enough to tell us point blank that we will pay whether we like it or not,’ narrated a parent.

Another parent said, ‘As long the ministry doesn’t have an easy and reliable way parents can report the schools asking for this money, the rampant vice will continue to flourish.

According to a testimony by another parent, some learners have been denied clearance and their certificates withheld because of not paying motivation fees.

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